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Infinity contracting Cranes and Metal Works, a leader crane builder in the Egyptian market

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We are Infinity contracting Cranes Focus on Cranes and lifting business every day, Act with urgency, Remain positive to change, Reward our People for taking risks and finding better ways to solve the problems. Learn from our outcomes- what worked and what didn’t.

“INFINITY for contracting and supplies” Is an experienced Overhead crane builder in EGYPT during the last decade.

Infinity is implementing the Egyptian standards and the European standards of heavy equipment applications (FEM & ISO) being the sole agent of the Giant Italian hoist Manufacturer “MISIA PARANCHI”
and the authorized dealer of the German hoist manufacturer “SWF Krantechnik” , German Jib Cranes manufacturer “Vetter Krantechnik”

and the sole agents of the Italian special steel Mills’ cranes manufacturer “ BONFANTI”  in EGYPT and in Saudi Arabia.

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Infinity contracting


Our Mission is designing, manufacturing and selling overhead & Tower cranes, all material handling equipment under hock service and steel structures; Customer satisfaction is paramount for our continued success. We strive to be the best at what we do and to deliver what we promise – on time and with competitive prices.